Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Detroit Trip

Just came back from Detroit.

Man, What a journey! Knowing that it's a 5 hour drive (350 miles) from Chicago to Detroit, we started early morning - 10:00AM. There was another reason for starting early. Michigan is in a different time zone, so we knew that we're gonna lose an hour when we reach there.
You basically get to see three States - Illinois, Indiana and of course Michigan. Getting out of Illinois was not at all a problem. Took around an hour to enter Indiana. And once we entered Indiana, we faced a few hiccups. They were actually constructing a new express highway, so the roads were kind of blocked and half closed. We literaly crawled for 5 miles, and the highway opened up again. Now here's the real thing. We took the I 80 from Indiana to reach Detroit - which is 210 miles straight!!! No turns, No nothings. Just Straight. Of course there are bends and curves, but no turns guys! Straight - 200 miles!
That was a long drive. I slept for some time - probably an hour. The drive was neat - not many things to see but we noticed that the country in Indiana is kinda different. You know, the structure and all. Saw many trucks! Very very long, many many tires(this ain't no spelling mistake btw!), safe safe driving.
An interesting fact - the places I have been to till now, I saw that all the exits were on the right. In Detroit, most of the exits are on the left, and there are many freeways.

We reached Detroit at around 4:30 PM local time. The downtown is really impressive. You know how it is - When you see one of the best and most happening downtowns in the world, you start comparing other downtowns with that. That's what I did. Compared to Chicago's downtown, Detroit's dowtown was...cute. Not very big, a couple of skyliners, and no Sears tower! But I liked it. The most happening place in Downtown Detroit is , I guess, the Renaissance Center - a couple of huge buildings with the tallest being that of GM.
Another interesting fact. You can see Canada from Detroit. Yes, Canada is just a five minutes drive from Detroit. I saw Canada, of course, from a distance. Good fun.
We also went to the Chrysler museum. Saw Dodge Viper!!! Cool car, guys. I will send you some pictures later. You will not believe what all i played with in detroit. Had a ball of a time there.

Went to the Yankee Air Museum in Belville. But it was closed. So took a few pictures from the outside and came back.

Will send you pictures in a couple of days. I think I clicked nearly 250 pics in 2 days!