Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fisher's Keeping Me Busy

And so it finally arrived!

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from my PSP, but when I got it and switched it on for the first time, I was spellbound! The graphics, the sound quality, the features - simply superb! Since the last few days, I check my email the moment I get up, but there's a slight difference. Instead of doing it on my laptop, I now do it on my PSP, and that too still lying in my bed! It is a MP3 player, picture viewer, video player, "Internet machine", and of course a portable viedo game console built into one. But you have to see it to believe what all it can do. I am amazed. Simply amazed!

PS: Every word of Jimi's comment on my previous post is true. I made her go to the mall with me to get some games for my PSP. I did leave a few minutes (read 20) before I was scheduled to, and I was (and still am) definitely excited! Thanks for the company, Jpp :).

Monday, May 21, 2007

I succumbed to temptation.
I have always been an anti - Sony guy. I strongly feel that their products are super inferior, not really great, and overrated to the power of n. When it comes to audio equipment, I have always relied on Philips simply because of the amazing quality and crispness offered by its products. In case of video games, I never considered the PS2 as an option, and I bought the XBox instead. Portable gaming systems - same thing. I bought the GameBoy advance long time back. But..
The GBA is extinct now. I wanted to buy the NintendoDS, but the only thing that always stopped me was the variety of games offered by Nintendo. I have grown up now, and Mario and Zelda do not fascinate me anymore. I don't even look at games like Pokemon and Cars. Nintendo's catalogue is more suitable for children 10 and below. Of course, they have some good games like NFS and Splinter Cell, but unfortunately, the graphics are not that good (NFS Underground2 looks so silly on a GBA).
A secret - I have always been fascinated by the Sony PSP. I really like the super huge screen, and its ability to display amazing "console like" graphics takes my breath away. I recently got to know that you can access the Internet on it too. Plus its ability to play music and movies is a big big bonus. UMDs are expensive, but honestly, used ones are not. However, my policy of not buying anything Sony made me ignore it for so long.
I could not take it any longer, though. I kept on thinking about the PSP. I realized what a wonderful piece of machine it is, and how it can help me fulfill my dream of playing "realistic" viedo games 24 X 7. I finally said fuck it, and bought the PSP yesterday. Now I am desperately waiting for it to arrive.
Just so you know, I am still against other Sony equipment.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's Over!

The spring semester is finally over! But not without causing a lot of pain. I feel that this was the toughest semester I have dealt with so far. All three courses I had taken were pretty damn tough, and I slogged day in day out to get rid of it. However, I knew that I had not done my finals too well, and was very very nervous.

The grades were due today at 1PM. I opened iCampus at around 12 and started refreshing the "my grades" section, thinking that they might have posted the grades much before the scheduled time. The thought of getting really bad grades kind of killed me. I was preparing myself to buy a one way ticket to India (lol!), only to finally find out at 1PM that I survived!!!

So many down, two more to go! Thank you God for helping me :).

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

French CanCan

I first saw the French CanCan when I was 8, and immediately fell in love with the tune to which all the women dance! If you remember, Doordarshan had a collaboration with Transtel (German TV) and every afternoon, they used to show a musical program, and in every episode, they used to show the French CanCan. After a few months, they stopped showing it, and I was disappointed because I used to enjoy it so much. I kept on thinking about the tune for years, and how much I used to enjoy it.
A few days ago I just thought of googling it, and guess what - I found an mp3 of that tune!