Friday, September 29, 2006

Out they go!

Alright, everyone in 801 S University...

It's time to breath, relax, jump with joy, dance, make merry, cheer...

It's over. I swear to God it is. I have stopped playing this song on my laptop. It happened on wednesday night, when I was doing my assignment. At 2:30 AM, I said enough of this, and switched to them.

Coming up next: OK Go.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 freaking moron!


Cooked food after so many days. Really, I don't remember when I cooked last, perhaps when dinosaurs ruled this world.

The initial idea was to cook just Rajma for Akash and myself, but Abnormal's phone call forced me to add black beans too;).

Had naans and tortillas with this sabji, and wrapped it all up with 5 rasgullas!!...a grand finale to a truly great show!!:):)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A couple of days back, my friends & I were talking about all the innovative/funky alarm clocks in the world .



Watched five episodes of Family Guy yesterday ( after a very stressful day)...Wow!!..I said..Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! You know what I said?? Wow!! Wow!! aen he he he he he he he...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Today's Update

This is absolutely crazy. I am updating my blog for the third time in a day. And I am drunk.
Spoke to Arshi after a long long time. I must admit that I called him for the first time after returning from India.. Absolutely ridiculous. Sincere apologies, Arshi.
Something has gone wrong with me. There's this song by No Doubt that is driving me nuts. I have been listening to this song since the last four days - continuously. I love it.
I got my hair cut today - thanks to Abir.
Had an amazing time tonight. Tilloo and gang came over. Laughed my lungs out. It was good fun.
Tomorrow is going to be extremely hideous. I have to study for my exam, write my research paper proposal, and the usual weekly review. Shit on toast.
Well, I am happy. Not complaining about anything at all. To be honest, spending time with my friends tonight made me happy.
This is one more song that's killing me these days.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

ROCK ON!!!!!

It kind of dawned on me today that I have become really serious about things in life. I am not the same me anymore...or am I?

Enough of thinking too much about shit and crap.

I am not going to give a fuck about things around me. Man, too much pain involved. I have known enough about myself now.

I would not lose my identity. Fuck you all who want me to change.

I am a soldier. I will put a bullet in your ass.


Can you hear me now?

Saturday has always been "Talk to friends" day for me. But it's been sad and depressing today. None of my friends (including my brother) answered my call today!!!! The following are the sons of bitches I tried calling today...
  1. Arshi
  2. Baba
  3. Bobby
  4. Chamu
fuckin' bad boys, guys ROCK!!!!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Top 30!

A refresher of some of the lessons I have learnt in life:
  1. Shit happens (the biggie!).
  2. Life is unpredictable.
  3. People are unpredictable.
  4. Your friends are unpredictable.
  5. Try to understand what your friends are going through. If they don't want to discuss things with you, leave them alone.
  6. Always go down fighting.
  7. Cherish your good memories, and learn from your bad ones.
  8. Never regret what you do.
  9. Be nice to people.
  10. have patience.
  11. Always remember God. Appreciate what he does for you.
  12. Appreciate what your family has done for you.
  13. Always be optimistic - every cloud has a silver lining.
  14. Never let negative thoughts cloud your mind.
  15. Thank God for giving you such a beautiful life.
  16. Thank God for giving you such wonderful friends.
  17. Live for others - it gives you (me) the ultimate pleasure.
  18. Always thank people when they do something for you.
  19. Don't take people for granted.
  20. Every individual deserves privacy - even if he is your best friend.
  21. Things never go the way you planned them to go.
  22. Never set wrong expectations.
  23. Stay young at heart.
  24. Never refuse to help others, even if it means going out of the way to help them.
  25. Smile!
  26. Don't mind when people talk shit about you or make fun of you.
  27. The best way to make people laugh is to make a fool of yourself. People love to laugh at others.
  28. Be naughty - it is good fun!
  29. Sex is not the only thing you should think about when you have nothing else to do.
  30. Always say 'namaste' to elders when you meet them or bid them goodbye. They really like it:).

Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's funny.
You can never ever anticipate what life has in store for you. It's so so true.
Digression - A good friend threw some light on a very peculiar thing practiced by females. He said - "Why do they always use the binary system? Why can't they think beyond just 0s and 1s?"!!
It's 4 in the morning and I am still doing my assignment. Man, things are absolutely crazy, but for some reason my ass is still not on fire..I'm lovin' it!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Not Again!

Why can't I just stick to what I say/decide. Am I cheating myself? No, not at all.
I have realized one thing - another addition to the list of all the shit and crap that I have found out about myself. I tend to change my decisions according to my very own convinience. I may know that changing my decision now may hurt me in the future. But then, I wouldn't get an opportunity to say "shit happens" if I don't fuck up now, right?
Everything seems to be so aimless. It's like shooting in the dark - with a lot of optimism, thinking that the target would stay where it is now forever. Anxiety, stupidity, courage, hope, desire, excitement, fear - all these words ( I am not really sure if these are adjectives, verbs, nouns or pronouns - I suck at grammar) have become a very prominent part of my life these days.
On second thoughts, though, things are not really that bad. I will take things as they come - without expecting too much from life.
As I always say " I will go down fighting".

Finally....some action!!

Finally met him after 11 years!!!!:)