Thursday, September 29, 2005

Exams and weather

Hi All,

Last week was crazy. Played tennis two days. Had a real good time. I think my service is getting better everyday!

Went to Steak 'n' Shake last thursday and had a banana shake there! Man, it was huge! I told the waitress," I'll start with a banana shake" and guess what, I ended with the same banana shake! It was damn huge and damn trippy.

Friday was my friend Abhishek's birthday. He is from Nagpur, doing his masters in IT. Very nice guy. He is the guy( and Puneet) who fed us during our initial few days in Normal. Anyway, had a real good time partying.

My sister came here on Saturday, and we did some grocery shopping. Figured out there is another store called Aldee's which is cheaper than Walmart! Guess where I am heading next time to buy grocery shit.

Sunday was kinda ok. Had to study for my stats exam. Went to the library and boy, was it peaceful there! Also went to the Bone Students Center and had a chicken burger and large fries with coke at Burger King.

Stats exam was ok. I think I did well. But I think I should wait to see how much I score considering the fact that I know how good my bad luck is.

Got my econ exam back. Got 84 on 100. It's ok - I am not complaining.

Today is thursday, and you know what? I gotta study for my accounts exam( which is on monday!). Man, these exams really kill you. They should happen once in 2 months or some shit like that - not every know what I mean?

It rained last night, and after that it became really really cold. The temperature was around 45. It was no good today either. Well, actually it's not really cold, but the wind chill factor makes it really bad. I hope I don't get killed in the winters.

More coming up...

Love you all.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Changing Weather

Mr Forrest Gump said,"And one day it rained. And it kept on raining." That is what happened in Normal yesterday. It started raining in the morning and kep on raining till midnight.
The official date of start of Fall is 22nd. The temperature has gone down drastically. These days it must be around 12-16 degrees celcius. Mornings are pretty cold but very scenic. Foggy and all. In fact, there is a 25 storey building called Watterson Towers near my house(an ISU dorm). In the mornings the top half of that building is literally invisible.
Somebody has organised a telegu movie called ....okay. I forgot. They expect "everyone" to be there.
I have an exam next week .And another the week after. I am not used to this system. Let's see what I do.
Anyway, gotta go now.

More coming up...

Love you all.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

Hi guys!
Had lots of fun last weekend. Went to Chicago to meet my sister. On Saturday, we went to Devon Street, which apparently is the Karol Bagh+Purani Dilli of Chicago. Had dinner buffet in a restaurant called Sher-e-Punjab. The food sucked big time. Anyway, bought lots of stuff like achar and all from Patel Brothers, "The" Indian store on Devon.
Sunday - We took the architectural boat ride on the Chicago river. It's a one hour ride, and the guide tells you about most of the buildings in Downtown Chicago - when, why and how they were built. I have clicked lots of pictures. Let me just upload them real quick.
Apparently, hundreds of years back, some tribals came and settled in Chicago. Obviously there were no buildings at that time. Chicagoland was a huge marshy area. So they named that place Chi-Ca-Goo, meaning stinky onion place! That is how Chicago got its name.
Well, It's thursday today, and I am back in Normal. I have got loads of assignments. And yeah, a quiz on tuesday.
Initially the profs also took it lightly - very few questions for assignments in the first two weeks. Now they probably think that the kids are getting used to the system, so they have started giving huge assignments.
awright, time for me to sign out..gotta work.

Love you all.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Got my laptop


My first post from my first laptop. This machine is naked. It ain't got nothin' but win XP. Well, I just switched on the wireless card and it showed me all the networks around. Most of them were encrypted. But the one with the strongest signals was unsecure. I said what the heck, and got connected!
This machine is a little heavy. But I like it. I also got 6 SD cards free with this machine. And yeah, I am gonna get an Epson inkjet printer free after a mail in rebate.

Friday, September 02, 2005


Ya, forgot to tell you guys...I played tennis yesterday. Now, I am planning to buy a tennis racket. Guys, you won't believe it - A Wilson racket costs like 15 bucks! Prince is slightly expensive - 30!
I think I will play tennis Thursday - Sunday. That is when I don't have classes.
I saw some new and used guitars on eBay. I will buy something when I get my first pay check.

I applied for my SSN yesterday. Should get it by the end of september.

U2 is performing in Chicago on 21st. 2 of my friends are going there. And it seems that Green Day would be performing in Peoria, which is 45 mins away from Normal.

More coming up....

Love you all.

My First Post!

Finally...Some Action!

It's funny how you want to keep things to yourselves, but suddenly decide to share just because some nerd introduces the concept of blogging!
Anyway, I am all alone here, and I gotta do something in life other than assignments. Through this blog, I wish to keep updating my friends on the lots of crazy and not so crazy things I plan to do in America.

The weather has become much more bearable here. Nights are kinda cold, though.
I've got to finish my econ, accounts and stats assignments*sigh*! Monday is no class, so I can ignore the accounts assignment for some time.
For those of you who hate stats - I am supposed to study a statistical software called JMP 5.1. It does lots of crazy things! Oh, I have to finish my stats computer assignment too.
Apparently, I have attended two stats classes, and I can proudly say that I could understand most of what was taught.
Econ is interesting. I like it. But I don't like doing the assignments. The problems are a pain in the butt. We were given 11 questions in our first assignment,I got 3 wrong. My approach was correct, but the answers were wrong. I hope Dr. Payne considers that.
I have started cooking - and it seems that my roommate likes what I cook! I made choley the other day.
Oh yeah, We need to go get some chips and other shit and crap. But I have kinda started hating grocery shopping. The kind of variety you get here - you'll be stumped. I always make a list of stuff that we need before going to Wal-Mart. That list has like 4-5 items. We sit in the bus, reach Walmart, and come back with atleast 30 items! It's wierd. Btw, bus services for ISU students is free here. You just need to show your ISU ID. Otherwise it's 75c per ride.
Btw, I bought a laptop. It's a P4 3.2 Ghz. I have still not seen it. It's with my sister. She says it's beeeuuutiful.

More coming up...

Love you all.