Thursday, March 02, 2006

YahooMail! Photos

Have you guys noticed that whenever you open Yahoo!Mail, you see some amazingly wild picures, selected as "Winner" pictures. I think I have collected most of them. I am posting those pictures here with a few descriptions. First - What I feel about the picture. Second - What the guys in the picture were thinking when the pictures were taken. Third - Probably a song that best describes the photo.

What I think: Sweet! Very Sweet!

What Daddy's thinking: I will do anything for you, my darling!

What Baby's thinking: If I am smiling, it doesn't mean that I like your stubble. I am gonna kick your ass for hurting my soft and tiny fingers after I stop smiling!

Song: "Baby, Now that I have you" - Allison Krauss

What I think: Ya, Sweet! But the baby's a little too fat. I see a prospective school bully in this baby.

What Baby thinks: I am gonna teach you a lesson for putting me in this tub. You knew that I can't swim, but still you did . I am gonna kill you....Oh no! I am drowning!!..aaaaahhh!!!

Song: "Help" - The Beatles

What I think: Sweet and Sad both. This girl is very cute, but she looks damn sad. It seems like she is not too happy with what she has.

What little girl thinks: Damn right, Venky. Have you ever seen such long hair at age 4? And look at this hat - It's bigger than my face. People stoop so low that they torture babies to win freakin' YahooMail photo contests.

Song: "Misery" - Soul Asylum

What I Think: Doggy is confused. I am sure it bit the guy who took this picture - after getting blinded by the camera flash.

What Doggy thinks: I am gonna freakin' bite you if you do something funny. I don't mind going to jail.I am sad already, don't f*c* with me.

Song: "Folsom Prison Blues" - Johnny Cash

What I think: Ya - Sweet. Very ordinary though.

What girls think(both): I'll kill you if you turn out to be more beautiful than me when we grow up!

Song: "Across the Universe" - Rufus Wainwright ( The little girl in orange reminds me of Dakota Fanning).

What I think: How many such pictures have we seen already?

What each of them is thinking: I hope i don't hit "rock bottom"!

Song: "Way Down" - Catherine Wheel

What I think: Somebody tried to be super cool and different, and somebody else just did what many men have never done.

What Girl thinks: Oh Man! Son of a bitch just pooped on my lap! Bad, Bad Idea!!Why is he suddenly so hot, though?

What Doggy thinks: Aaaaahhh! "Time of your life" is suddenly my favorite song.

Song: "Time of your life" - Green Day

What I think: Very Ordinary.

What is kid thinking: I am just gonna scare him. I don't really wanna break my racket.

Song: "Hurt" - Johnny Cash

What I think: Nothing.

What Girl's thinking: Nothing. She's got water up her nose.

Song: "Alive" - Pearl Jam

What I think: Wild. This is what every kid tries to do. Kill everything that moves.

What kid thinks: I am gonna stomp on each one of you and hang you on my room walls.

What Ducks think: Wish we could fly!

Song: "Learn to Fly" - Foo Fighters

What I think: Gross!

What Pregnant woman thinks: "I look just like him now. Cool!

What Buddha thinks: Kill me now!

Song: "Prosthetic Head" - Green Day

What I think: Oh My God! Cho Chweet! The Chweetest photo I have seen on the Internet.

What Mom/Dad think: Our baby is so adorable! Muah!!

What baby thinks: Stop wetting my cheeks with your goddamned saliva!

Song: "Baby, now that I have you" - Allison Krauss

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