Friday, March 16, 2007


R.E.M. was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame on March 12 this year. As Stipe's grandma says - R.E.M. is about remembering every moment, and this is what I have been doing, and would continue to do. I have been listening to R.E.M. since I was 14. I have always been motivated by these guys, and don't exactly know how or why. But they deserved it, and they got it.

R.E.M. performed during the induction ceremony on March 12, and guess who joined them...Eddie Vedder!! Yes - and he was the one who inducted them, thanks to the "strange" power invested in him for a few minutes. Watching two of my childhood (and adulthood) heroes perform live was a dream come true. I only wish I could see them perform right in front of me. Life is a bitch, however, youtube would not let you die!

Bill Berry also joined Buck/Mills/Stipe to perform four songs.

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Victim Of Desire said...

way to go REM..they deserved it :)