Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Okay..this is very embarassing. Or may be it's cool. I don't know.
I got my stats exam back. Well, all of you know how good I am at stats, right? Ahem Ahem...I got a f*ckin'.........................95 on 100. you can start breathing again. I know it sounds crazy. You gotta see it to believe it. This is something I never expected. Shit happens.

My prof wrote " good job" on the top of my paper. Highest was 97 it seems.

Hey, what did you just ask? Is stats my favorite subject? Oh no it's not.

I hope this continues.

Small post.Big shit.

Love you all.


maYank said...

This is friggin amazing shit man!!! Of all the people, I am one of the few who know what stats means to you (pun intended!!)... Keep it up man. Way o go!!

Cant stop laughing though!!! :))

Gautam said...

u did "69" with stats.. thts sum fuck which jst cnt happen man.. :)

guyz who knw u, for thm dis is best they cud have heard in ages so all the more harder to believe...:) jst keep tht gud wrk gng dude.. Beware Venky is cmng!!

Texacola said...

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