Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Name Is..

I finally started building my robot today. What you see are just the legs of the humanoid. Apparently, he is supposed to walk but I really could not test Alpha Rex's walking skills because I did not have batteries :-). I am hoping to post a video here once he is built and programmed.


Isabel said...

Thanks for hopping on the train to Chennai via my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed the vegetable cutlet and elaichi chai!

With more and more low-cost flights, travellers are no longer taking the train in India, or less. It's really too bad - I think no trip to India is complete without a trip in sleeper class and waking up to the sounds of 'Chaiya, tea'!

Heart'n'Soul said...

nahin chalega battery se bhi - yeh mera shrap hai
meri taang khichne ka inaaam :P

Venkat said...

Chal gaya :P