Thursday, March 27, 2008

Enlightenment For The Brown Kid

I broke my own promise. I had decided to publish not more than 12 posts in a month (and not less than 12 posts in a month) because I just thought that the number "12" next to every month in the blog archive would look cool. Well, this post's going to turn March's number to 13, but then, what the hell - It's a stupid, baseless, illogical promise anyway.

So Andrew has been "teaching" me a lot of stuff about what he (and other kids) did when he was little. I must say that whatever he tells me is very very enlightening. Now, did we (Indians) ever know that a cartoon character called Rude Dog existed? No, I don't think so. Did we ever know anything about Cabbage Patch Kids or Garbage Pail Kids for that matter? No no no.

I told him today that in Illinois I hung out with the wrong crowd. Lol!

And seriously, I find these things really interesting because the information is pretty much useless. Now that's how I always like my information. Useless. But - it should be entertaining. If somebody tells me something about any random scientific/philosophical theory..I usually yawn. So whatever Andrew tells me is fudgin' A.

A slight digression - I have decided not to use the F word on my blog anymore.

So like I said, these sessions, if you will, are very informative. He also tells me a lot about the 90s music *drool*. So basically, I am that Indian kid who thought he knew "a lot" about America but was absolutely totally ridiculously nimrodically wrong. Well, not for long, because I have a tutor now.

So Andrew, if you are reading this post - Thank you! ;)

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