Sunday, March 02, 2008

"A Short Digression"

While posting my previous blog entry I somehow realized that I have a tendency of sometimes digressing from the original theme of my post. I usually do this by starting a new paragraph with the word "Digression -". Let me tell you how I got into this habit. It all started when I was doing my undergrad last semester project (in VC++ ;) ). I was reading the "RFC 1939" to get a clear understanding of what POP3 does. In that document, on the very first page is a paragraph that is titled "A short digression". I did not really know the meaning of the word digression, so I quickly looked it up in the dictionary. I then realized that we could stray from our main topic/theme by simply using the word "digression".
I have been consistently using that word in my projects/research paper/blog since then.

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