Monday, August 11, 2008

Into The Wild..

While shopping at Target the other day I saw Into The Wild's soundtrack CD. I picked it up instantly simply because I had heard so much about Eddie Vedder's work on this CD.

Went home and played it, only to find out that it's a very very soft and mellow album - not that I expect grunge from Pearl Jam/Vedder any more. Vedder has experimented a lot with different instruments on this CD- "No Ceiling" actually has nice banjo strums.

Again, I could not grasp the music. I listened to it time and again. I played the CD around 8-10 times a day (it's a little more that 30 minutes, so..) but still could not figure out what the music is all about. After a few days I decided to watch the movie because I was pretty sure that the songs had connections with certains scenes/ overall theme of the movie.

Watch the movie I did.

And was lost for words.

Not because I had found the connection between the soundtrack and the story, but because the film shows Alaska, and oh my God, Alaska is beautiful! Very beautiful! I was totally spellbound by the snow covered mountains, the mooses, the rivers of Alaska, especially when they showed bird's eye or panoramic view of the state. The craziness of the story added to the excitement.

I would want to just go and live in the wild too, but I cannot live in the wild forever. I am pretty sure I'll chicken out.

Also, watching the movie first would help you enjoy the soundtrack all the more.

Last night, I tried to use the CD as a lullaby, and I think it was very effective.


Manoj said...

It is so weird that you watched Into the Wild almost about the same time as I did .. and are listening and talking about Radiohead when I have been doing the same here. Its like coming across something again and again, when you just recently experienced it (or maybe it slips into your subconscious and you sort of "pick" those words out selectively from a sea of data) .. anyways, Scotch Mist, with those flowing red trees with the narration .. my favorite part.

Venkat said...

Manoj - Yes it is weird! Watching Thome Yorke in Scotch Mist always gives me an amazing feeling..I also like the yellow foamy water is so funny :-)!