Sunday, February 17, 2008


Alright. So the Internet is up and running.
My friend is a father now. His daughter's name is Mayra - Mom and Dad basically combined their own names to come up with this one. So from now on, little Mayra can technically and officially call me uncle. Not that I like it, but it's okay. The next time I meet her though, I will tell her not to call me uncle.

The job's good so far. I have got very cool colleagues at my work place.
Iowa State is huge. You can never tell where the campus starts and where it ends. And the campus has some beautiful buildings. The place where I work is not in the main campus area, which basically means that reaching there is not really easy. Not that it's difficult, but I have to change buses to reach the College of Vet Med, and to do that I have to wait for 10 minutes everyday at Lincoln and Beach out in this freaking cold.

Yeah, I have been watching a lot of movies. I became a member of the Ames Public Library - not to read books, but to get DVDs and CDs. Just so you know, they also have music CDs, which I think is pretty cool, and their collection is not too bad either.

And of course, no soda. I do have a craving for it, but somehow I stop myself from buying that evil drink. But I have started drinking beer big time. Well, not big time, but during weekends. It's good fun. All bad things are fun.
I was in Beardshear Hall a few days ago, and I saw the strangest looking urinals in the restroom.

Now here's the thing. Any Indian would think that this is an "Indian Commode". But the only thing that would confuse them is the height of these "commodes". Well, honestly, that is what happened with me. When these urinals came in my line of vision, I said to myself, "Hey, Indian commode!". But after paying attention to it's height I realized that it's a urinal. And peeing in these urinals is way too awkward.

I bought the Xbox 360. Thank you, thank you.

And I played the most amazing game on it - GRAW2. And was disappointed. Because..I finished the single player game in less than 10 hours! Can you believe it? Man, video games are supposed to keep you busy for days, and even months. So not fair.

And last but not the least, I live near Downtown Ames, which has almost everything you could ask for. The biggest advantage is a grocery store just a few steps away. Now I can (and I have) get rid of my weekly mandatory trip to Wal-Mart. *awesome*.
It's sunday night and I have not done my laundry yet. Got to do it ASAP.

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