Saturday, February 23, 2008

Take The Back Seat, Will You?

I don't know how I forgot to blog about this!
When I was in Baltimore I fell in love with this family run Indian restaurant that cooked awesome food! Their food was pretty cheap, considering the fact that they were based in a big city in the US. I must tell you that it was not a big restaurant, and it was not really set up like a typical restaurant, you know, lighting, ambience and all that jazz. Here's a picture for your viewing pleasure:

You see what I mean? It's pretty small - nice, and clean though. They have a few tables for those of us who would want to sit and eat there. But mostly people get their stuff packed.

However, the one thing that made me laugh non stop ( and my sister too) is something that you would just not expect to see inside a restaurant. It was in the "waiting area", and it was supposed to make your bum comfortable while you waited to get your stuff. See "it" for yourself:

Lol! Did you see that? It's a fucking back seat of a car!! Here, take a closer look:

Now why in the world would you want to "install" a car seat in your restaurant? Of course, you can always say "cost cutting", but hell, why would an Indian restaurant cut costs when it's running so well and making big bucks? Well, one thing I know is that Indian restaurants take their customers for granted. They know that their customers crave Indian food, and that they really don't give a flying fuck about the ambience and all that shit and crap.

Hence, the exploitation.

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